How To Kick Ass At Call Of Duty

Posted By: Michael
Posted On: 04/24/11 07:35 PM

Author Photo: Michael Since I have been playing Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare online, I have had a lot of people ask me how it is I get so many kills and die so rarely. Granted this isn't always the case. I have can have a bad game just like anyone else but typically I will run a 3 to 1 kill death ratio per game. I have played a decent number of people who are better than I am and sometimes I wonder how it is they do so well. Obviously they know something I don't but if you are one of the people I own the crap out of in any given game, you might get some use out of these tips.

Here are some basic tips you will find useful. While these tips won't make you ridiculously good, they are necessary to learn before moving on to more advanced topics.

The first tip is: KNOW YOUR MAPS. If you have been playing a while, you may know the maps like the back of your hand but don't think because you know your way around them that you know them completely. Have you ever had someone get to a spot that you don't know how to get to? Learn how to get there. In my experience, hard to reach places aren't a good place to be because you work very hard to get there and then become a sitting duck once someone knows you are there. But knowing how to get there helps you know where to look for kills. On the Backlot map, for example, you have to jump out a window onto a ladder to get to the roof of the building into the middle of the map. I am always checking for people coming out that window. It is an easy kill when you see them.

The second tip is: Match your classes to your map. There is no reason to snipe on District and there is no reason to try and run Strike with an mp5. I am sure there are a lot of people who will argue this. The fact is I can probably own you with any gun on any map, but as a basic rule of thumb, think about your map, think about the distance you will most likely be fighting from and choose your gun accordingly.

The third tip is: Do not use the juggernaut perk. Many noobs feel like they are getting killed to quickly and resort to turning on juggernaut as a result. The fact is stopping power is the way to go. It is easier to kill a juggernaut player with stopping power than it is to get away from stopping power with juggernaut. I almost never DON'T kill someone running juggernaut. The best value of juggernaut is that someone who is used to a 3 shot kill with their loadout might stop shooting early. This is rare though because only the really good people are looking for a new target before confirming their initial target is dead. Most people aren't this good so don't worry about it and don't use juggernaut. Also, If you do use juggernaut, I will torment you to no end in the lobby after destroying you regardless.

The last of the basic tips is really a noob tip. If you are feeling overwhelmed because you are getting your ass handed to you repeatedly, set up a class with a silencer and UAV jammer. This will allow you to observe whats going on and maybe get some kills without everyone on the map gunning for you. It essentially slows the game down.

On to some intermediate tips:

One: Know and respect the capability of your weapon. If everyone chose a load-out that was fitting for the map they were on, this wouldn't be an issue, but the fact is some people will take a sniper rifle or long range assault rifle into the district map which is much more suited for medium to close range guns. But the world is not perfect and people are stupid and you will all to often find a guy in district using an M16 on a short distance map. If he does this you can bet he is going to be camping. So if you have a p90 and you turn a corner and see him pointing his m16 at you from the other side of the map...let it go. Your p90 was not made to kill him from that distance and while you are spraying and praying, he has all the time in the world to line that shot up. Instead of trying to get that kill...go back the way you came. If you are using a sub machine gun, you run faster and you can haul ass and probably come up from behind him while he is still waiting for you to reappear in his sites. I get so many kills from people that just shouldn't be trying to kill me at that distance with whatever gun they are using. On the rare occasion that someone kills me with an MP5 from the other side of the map, I simply take my hat off to them. They earned my death.

Two: Use extreme conditioning. This perk is given to you early in the game so most people overlook the value of it when other perks become available after leveling up. The fact is extreme conditioning gives you an opportunity at the absolute best advantage you can have in the game...being somewhere other than where your opponent thinks you are. Extreme conditioning can get you on the other side of the standard grenade storm that occurs at the start of every match. It can get you into a hiding spot that lets you watch the enemy walk buy you and set up their positions. Once they are assessing the view from where they choose to look...well you are behind them aren't you. Kill them all. Extreme conditioning also allows you to get away when you are being shot at. My favorite time to enjoy extreme conditioning is when I have killed too many people in one spot and they are spawning all around me and they know exactly where i am and all of a sudden...i have an air-strike. Call that baby in right on your own head and then book it. Extreme conditioning will get you clear of the air-strike in time and the enemy will be too busy running for cover to get you. Whoosh...You are alive and maybe they are dead. Even if your air-strike doesn't get anybody, you are only 2 kills from your chopper and you have the position advantage again.

Three: Do not snipe. I know that sniping is fun but for the most part it is useless for running a positive kill death ratio. First of all, there are only a few maps that justify having snipers and those maps have very few useful spots to snipe from. What good is it to be dressed like a Wookie if there is only grass on a small part of the map. Guess what, people will know you are there. Once you kill someone, they are coming for you and you don't have a good way to protect yourself. At 5 feet, my AK-47 beats your sniper rifle every time. Now some people would argue that if you are good enough, this isn't an issue. There are also some maps where at least one person on a team needs to be sniping especially if the other team is sniping as well but if you want to rack up a lot of kills and die as little as possible, don't be the sniper. If you absolutely MUST snipe, do it with these things in mind. Most of the the sniper rifles require head shots to be one shot kills unless you use stopping power, so don't even think about using the overkill perk to carry a short range weapon. Neither of the weapons is going to be very useful if you do. Instead, use the stopping power perk and make it a point to pick up a short range weapon as soon as you see one. Pretty much any gun other than another sniper rifle is going to be better than your handgun when the sniper hunters come for you. Also, if you get a kill...move. Do not stay in the same place ever. This is a general camping rule. Camping and waiting for a target only works once. That's not to say you cant move and camp somewhere else...but once you kill someone, your cover is blown. Chances are you set up some claymores at the first camping site. Consider it a free kill when the enemy trips them while looking for will be there in spirit.

Four: Make sure you are thinking about the maps in x y AND z. When you come around a corner be thinking about where people might be positioned to take a shot at you. is there a 2 story building there? then there are 2 people to worry about. Always assume they are there. In fact, this should be a basic tip. Learn it, Know it, Live it. ALWAYS assume they are there.

I am sure you can find these and other similar level tips on many websites so lets move on some more advanced stuff that I haven't seen a lot of around.

1. Aim Aim Aim. Some people would argue that this is a basic tip, but its value is way more advanced. There is no spray and pray in Call of Duty. Its almost like they programmed the bullets to go nowhere near the target if the game doesn't feel like you are trying. There are also advanced techniques in aiming as well. Aiming for the head is a big deal but you have to be careful and understand the gun you are using. If you are using a G3, Headshots are a piece of cake and you can get 2 shot kills all day long. The RPD, however, isn't as nice and jumps around a lot. It makes sense then not to aim for the head. Better to get a kill in 3 chest shots than to get killed shooting a foot over someones head. You will find that most of the assault rifles should cater to careful aiming at the head with the exception of the AK-47 and the MP44. The M14 has some kick but if you are patient with it and line up 2 headshots you will enjoy the easy long range kills with it. I hate that gun...except when Im using it. Then I start to like it.

2. Learn to let go of that which you fear to lose. Unless you are running silenced (which i don't recommend if you want a kick ass kill death ratio) when you shoot, you give up your position. So the last thing you want to do is spend 10 seconds looking down the site of your gun unloading a clip as he runs away. This creates a multitude of problems. They know where you are, they know you aren't looking, they know you have to reload soon. Instead, give yourself a couple of seconds and a few shots to hit your target. If you don't kill him in that short time, let him go. You need to find cover or a new position and reload. If you are lucky, you might even get to your new position in time to see one or 2 of the enemy showing up to kill you where you were . There ya go! Free targets. Get Some!

3. Bait and switch. This probably gets me more kills and gets me out of more bad situations than any other tip. If you can train yourself to do this, you will kick ass. So pay attention. If you know your maps, you can always have an exit strategy when you are running for your life but anyone who plays halfway decent will know where to go to meet you and kill you when you don't go that way, run toward the enemy...but first let them think you are fleeing. Lets say you poke your head around a corner and someone was camping...waiting to kill you. as soon as you see them, go back behind the corner. They will immediately do one of two things. If they got a shot off and did some damage, they will taste blood and almost ALWAYS follow you and they will do it running. So as soon as you get around that corner, pop right back out and get ready to shoot. they will not be expecting you and they will not be able to shoot until they stop running. Easy kill. You're welcome. The other possibility which is most likely if they didn't do any damage is they will run an interception route to cut you off. again, pop right back out. if they aren't there, you are now chasing them and they dont know it. if you are smart and you use extreme conditioning, no matter how far the interception route is, you will catch them and get a clean shot at the back of their head. The only people you have to worry about are the people who do this exact same thing. I can tell you that in all my days of playing Modern Warfare, I have encountered this maybe 5 times. Most people aren't that good. It is not a natural reaction which is why most people don't do it and why it is so deadly.

4. Watch the kill cam. When you get killed, you may have a desire to get back in the game immediately. But if you don't understand how you got killed, you need to know and why pass up the chance to find out. If you got killed by a silenced weapon with someone using a UAV jammer, that person is a problem and you need to deal with it. If you watch the kill cam, you will see where they are headed after they kill you and you can head them off and kill them. If you got sniped, you can see where you got sniped from so you can go kill the sniper. Many seasoned snipers know to hold the scope on you after they kill you so that the kill cam doesn't give their position away. But at the very least you will discover which side of the map they are on and that will help you understand where not to be.

5. Remember that people are watching your kill cam. It is for this very reason that no matter where i was going or what my plan was, anytime i kill someone, the plan has to change. I repeat. Any time I kill someone, the plan changes. If you are running towards a room where you know someone is camped and you kill someone along the way, that person now knows exactly where you are take the long way around or hide for a moment. there is a rhythm to the game set up by these kills and their impending retaliation. A lot about being a good player is to ride the rhythm to get kills but to break the rhythm to keep from being killed. You can also use the kill cam to throw your enemy off. Kill them, then run the pattern they expect you to run for a few seconds and then turn around and go the other way. Again, the best strategy is to not be where they think you are and be exactly where they think you aren't. As for sniping. The only map I really snipe on is Wetwork. The only time I snipe there is if there are no other snipers. If the enemy is sniping, you have to have a sniper keeping them busy so they aren't given free shots at you or your teammates. I hate being the sniper but if no one else does be it. So use the kill cam technique when sniping too. If you snipe someone, let go of the scope. Let them see where you are. give it a second...wait for it wait for move. Go to a new location. Now look for them in your scope...find them? guess what? they are looking for you where you were, not where you are. You have just earned a few extra seconds to line up your shot. Enjoy!

6. Your air strike isn't that useful. Don't get me wrong. When you call in an air strike and you hit the spawn point and get 5 kills, it feels great. But most of the time they are rather useless and a good way to get yourself killed before you call in a chopper and that is where the money is. If you earn an air strike and you are in the middle of a crossfire, don't be afraid to forget about it and just gun down available targets the old fashioned way. You may be sad that you got your chopper before you had a chance to call in your air strike, but after the third free kill from your Chopper, i promise you, you'll get over it. If you aren't in the middle of a skirmish and you have an air-strike ready to go...hide. a little bitch and go hide in a room behind a table...whatever. get out of site and out of mind before you call it in. If there is no UAV running at the time, drop it on the first red dot you see or drop it on the other side of the map from where you and / or your teammates are. One thing you do NOT want to do is sit around out of match for too long. If you earned an air strike, you probably had the upper hand in the match and any time spent out of it gives the other players time to adjust and regain the advantage. A really good use for an air strike: That sniper on the other side of the map that is all by himself because no one wants to get killed going after him. Drop it on him. Sure its only one kill, but its a gimmie and it gets the sniper problem out of the way. In the end, the air strike is that old mushroom that's going the other way that in order to get it you risk jumping off the ledge into oblivion. The chopper is the flower. It never runs away. Its yours for the taking and its good.

7. Kill Streaks aren't that important. Its nice to have a big kill streak and if your chopper is kicking ass (usually depends on the map) sure, let it go. But if your chopper isn't doing so well, let yourself go a little kamikaze. The fact is, if you get 7 kills and your chopper gets 3 before it now have 10 kills and nothing more to gain. If you hide out to keep the streak going, you are giving up advantage. if you run out and get some kills, great, if not, you get you can get another uav, another air strike, another chopper. So unless you are hellbent on running up your kill streak, don't be afraid to die...its much more useful in the long run.

8. Leave the camper alone. If you know he's there and you and your teammates are out of his are better off leaving him there. he isn't accumulating kills and he isn't spawning on top of you. He is effectively out of the game. A six on five game is a huge advantage. Take it and thank him in the lobby after the win. If you carry claymores, a fun prank to play is to put one at one or more exits of his camping spot...then go play. if he ever gets bored of sitting in his room no where near where the game is going on, he may decide to venture out. free kill and one embarrassed jackass. you might even consider placing the claymore and then coaxing him out by firing your gun. That red dot might entice him into the claymore as well. Whatever the reason to get yourself killed rushing the room when he probably has claymores set up too.

9. Flank. Always be flanking. You don't want to be anywhere near your teammates ever. If you aren't shooting, you aren't showing up on the map and that is a huge advantage...that advantage is null and void if you happen to be next to an asshat teammate who is spraying at the other side of the map at a sniper who already ducked behind a wall. Don't be next to that guy for anything. If your team sucks, you will know it because they will be spawning wherever you are and flanking becomes impossible. If that happens, your best bet is to find a hole and camp it. You may not win the match, but you can still protect your own ratio and rack up some bragging points. Trust me when i tell you that it feels pretty good to have the high score in a match even if your team loses.

10. Walk sideways. Especially when you are coming through a door. Unless you have cover in mind, walk out sideways. keep your back where you expect there to be no action. You want your gun always pointed where there is most likely to be someone and your back pointed where they most likely aren't

11. Your teammates are your second UAV. This wont work in hardcore obviously since your team doesn't show up on your map, but in normal matches, they do. If you don't have UAV and you want to know where the enemy is. Watch the green arrows. If they occupy the south and west parts of the map and there are no skirmishes actively taking place...then the enemy is on the north and east sides of the map. If the your team is all behind you, the good news is, the enemy is right in front of you. The bad news is, you are the prime target.

12. Find cover first. If you must go out into open areas on a map, find your cover before you find a target. When you cross the map in a high visibility area, you are going to attract attention. Snipers may try and pop a shot off, sub machine gunners may start following you...there's always someone. Keep the cover you are heading for in mind. If someone shoots at you...even if they hit you, don't lose site of your cover. Stopping to look for the person shooting at you will almost always get you killed. Get to your cover, get your back towards a safe zone and find the target from there. Many times, the enemies that identify their locations by shooting at you will get picked off by one or more of your teammates while you recover.

13. Let your teammates find you targets. I am not saying that you should never be the lead, but if you don't happen to be the first guy through the door, wait to see what happens when your teammate goes through the door. Maybe he reaches cover, maybe he doesn't. Either way, you'll know where the enemy is and you'll be able to determine if its best to rush for cover, turn back, or engage the target. Don't feel bad if your teammate dies for your benefit. Your mates could come out of the match with 3 kills only but if you win the match, they get to talk trash in the lobby with you and that's all we really be the ones talking trash instead of the ones listening to it.

14. Hold key locations. A perfect example for this is on the Crash map. The 3rd floor of the tower in the middle of the map is key to winning the match. If the other team has it, you need to take it from them. If you or a member of your team has it, you need to protect them. It's easy to pick up kills if you are watching a team raid a building that your teammate is holding. The raiders are paying attention to the target while you are paying attention to them.

15. Don't sleep on the job. Don't hold a location if the game is occurring on the other side of the map. You might have cleaned a camper out of a room and now you want to hold the spot. But if everyone is in the court yard while you are in the living room, your team is outnumbered. Sure you aren't dying, but if the other team gets a chopper, your situation is going to degenerate rapidly.

16. Crazy Ivan. That is, look behind you from time to time. Ever had a situation where you are running around the map for minutes at a time without finding anybody and then all of a sudden you get shot from behind? I know, that was me. Thanks for the +10! If you don't see anyone for more than 15 seconds, you probably have secret entourage following you. They may be intending to carve you like a turkey with their knife or have a silenced short range weapon or a shotgun and don't want to alert you to their presence till they find an optimum shooting solution. It's an easy fix though. If it feels like its been too long, when you turn a corner, rotate around and run backwards. When they come around behind you, kill them. Then let yourself enjoy that kill for a nanosecond longer than the other kills. That person was sure they were going to kill you for free. You took that from them. They can't ever get it back. Ahhh!

17. Do the math. The most important statistic is the kill death ratio. I don't care how many wins you have, how many points you have, how many golden guns you have, or how hot your sister is, if you die more than you kill, you are worthless. That said, do the math. Before you rush a room with 3 guys in it, before you cross open terrain braving the snipers, you should have a kill. If you see a target on the other side of the map and you have an mp5. Yeah, maybe you can pick him off from there if he sucks real bad, but if you don't already have a kill, don't try it. Find an easier kill rather than draw attention to yourself. Your bravery should go up with your kill streaks and down with your deaths. Your worst games should be 1/1 K/D. You should be gunning for a 2/1 K/D at the least. Unless I am carrying a team of noobs on my own and come out with over 30 kills, I am not satisfied if I end up with less than a 3/1.

One last piece of advice that may just be a personal preference but i feel it could very well improve anybody's game. Learn to use the AK-47. The AK is one of the first guns available when you start. Most noobs get it out and use it once and put it away because the recoil makes it jumps around too much. The M4 is favored because its really easy to keep on target. But it takes forever to kill someone with it. The AK, when used correctly can have you quickly jumping from target to target at a distance or mowing down a room of tightly packed campers. I actually avoided it for a long time until i got my golden ak. Then i started using it just to feel badass. After about 2 days, i realized that it was the best gun once you can handle it.

I hope these COD tips and tricks help you out. Keep in mind, these tips are probably most valuable in Team Deathmatch since that's typically what i play. I imagine some of them will be useful in other game modes, but others could very well be useless. I don't claim to be the best by any means, but more often than not, my name is at the top of the list when the match ends and I use these techniques to obtain that after game wow factor. If you think you are better than me, i am sure you are (probably not). If you are curious as to what kind of numbers i produce with these tips, i currently have over 100,000 kills and less than 48,000 deaths at a ratio of 2.07. I play on Playstation 3. My PSN ID is spazdaq. Feel free to add me. I figure most of what i talked about will translate usefully to Modern Warfare 2 when it is released in November. Happy hunting!