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Subject: Pinball Posted Date: 2013-04-18 07:55:45
I just watched a pretty interesting documentary on Pinball called Special When Lit. It mapped out the industry over 30 years up to its decline when the major pinball machine manufacturers started to close around 2006. It had interviews with engineers, manufacturers, arcade owners and of course pinball players from the tournament circuit.

The film seems to try to both shine a light on the people involved in the "magic" of pinball as well as explain its demise.

It points to video games
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Subject: The Science of Gamining Posted Date: 2011-04-28 20:31:52
So you think your a gamer? Here are some interestingly facts you may not have known or even cared to have known about playing video games.

<img src="" style="float:right;max-width:200px;;margin:#px;">The average age of a gamer is 35 years old.
Although video games are forever evolving and changing those that play them are not. The origins of what I like to call
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Subject: Every Day Stuff Posted Date: 2011-04-25 01:14:23
After reading through some of a 'must play before you die' list on i decided to go ahead with my own list. While i wouldn't play a crap game, some of the games listed are based on historical and/or game play significance over wow factor. I'm sure I enjoyed a lot more games from each generation, but these are the ones that I felt were worth mentioning.

<div style="font-size:22px;margin:0px;font-weight:bold;">Zork</div><img src="
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Subject: First Person Shooters Posted Date: 2011-04-24 19:35:45
Since I have been playing Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare online, I have had a lot of people ask me how it is I get so many kills and die so rarely. Granted this isn't always the case. I have can have a bad game just like anyone else but typically I will run a 3 to 1 kill death ratio per game. I have played a decent number of people who are better than I am and sometimes I wonder how it is they do so well. Obviously they know something I don't but if you are one of the people I own the crap
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