X-Men First Class

Review For X-Men First Class originally posted June 2011

So I went to see X-Men: First Class this morning and I guess I was satisfied for the 6 bucks a Sunday morning movie costs.

The plot is borrowed from every other X-Men movie conjuring the holocaust and all its badness. They show you how Charles Xavier and Eric Lehnsherr (Magneto) meet. You also get to see how they collect a few mutant friends on the way to the big ending...if thats what you can call it.

The movie is decent enough, but it falls short of the current expectations for super hero movies. Where most super-hero movies are larger than life on the action and special effects but fail to deliver on the plot and performance, First Class fails on the other side. You have a proven story with better than average performances but just no visual pizazz.

Another problem with the movie is the lack of story connecting the characters together. If anyone can figure out why the First Class kids went a long for the ride, let me know. It seemed to me that they, with their lackluster powers and unapparent motivation never really needed to be there past the "oh my god, look who it is" value to those members of the audience familiar with the franchise.

All this mixed with a comic book frame sequence remnant of Ang Lee's "Hulk" left me far from concerned when the movie finally ended.

So yeah, I wish there had been more action, special effects and explosions. Kevin Bacon almost delivered...Damn you Magneto.

The happy bonuses in the movie are Michael Ironside (billed as M. Ironside for some reason) looking as annoyed as only Michael Ironside can. Also, as my friend Adam pointed out, the movie will provide so many new solutions for Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon that you might not even have to reference Footloose anymore.

In the end, it's worth 6 bucks but if you are looking for a big screen spectacular, save the money and grab this one at the redbox.

But whatever you do...stay till the end of the credits. It's worth it.

Posted By: Michael
04/15/13 02:52 PM

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