Black Ops II Uprising Map Pack Review

Just wanted to give my thumbs up on the new Black Ops II 'Uprising' map pack. It comes with 4 new multiplayer maps - Magma, Vertigo, Encore and Studio. I like the maps because they are relatively small and work well with domination which is my preferred mode of play. Vertigo is my favorite new map as it takes place high up and has a ladder that...well you better hope you clear the jump. Encore feels like the Stadium map from the original black ops and Studio is actually just a rehash of Firing Range from the original Black Ops as well. It was a good map 2 years ago and its a good map now. The last map,, whatever.

Apparently this map pack comes with something called Mob of the Dead which is zombies with washed up mafia movie actors doing voices but as I am a heterosexual male, I don't play zombies and have no opinion.

Check this link out for some video walk-throughs of the new maps