this weeks new releases.

BPRD: Vampire #2, Moon and Ba bro. get that shit.

Mind Mgmt #10, see what the deal is behind this book all your friends are going on about.

All Star Western #19, Booster Gold guest stars.

Batman Incorporated #10 yo!

IDW's TMNT #21, the return of Kevin Eastman to ninja turtle comics.

Images East of West #2, Jupiters Legacy #1 (like duh dude), and a $1.00 issue of Nick Spencers Morning Glories.

Marvels Uncanny Avengers #7 and Guardians of the Galaxy #2..

and finally, do not over look Booms Deathmatch #5, im enjoying the heck out of this Jenkins Superheros fight till death tournament comic.

get all that shit.