this weeks new releases...

im gonna suggest you pony up on the Dark Horse Comics this week. Kevin Nowlan doing a Lobster Johnson One shot is a must. Lobster Johnson Satan Smells a Rat, pull it.

Star Wars Legacy by Gabriel Hardman. (yeah i know-enough said).

Matt Kindt yo! Mind Mgmt #11 is waiting on your peepers.

Brian Woods Massive #12 is one of the most beautiful looking challenges ive had reading comics lately.

onto the other shit!!!

All Star Western brings Jonah Hex into the present and guest stars Booster Gold.

Batman Incorporated #11 is written by Chris Burnham. Burnham has been my go to Candy store Batman comic artist on this Morrison trip i never want to end. this month he steps up to the writing plate while Jorge Lucas provides art. Speaking of Lucas-Inhumans Limited series from early 2000's. hit that shit. Ladronn did the first two issues and i think Jorge Lucas did the work of his career filling in for the following issues 3 and 4. oh look at me talking Inhumans.... (back to DC's shitty comics..)

Batman Lil Gothams #2, The Unwritten #49 (my fave DC comic that isnt Batman Inc), and im a bit curious on this Green Team #1. so we'll see about that.

Image comics has my Joe Casey shit with Sex #3 and Bounce #1. i have high hopes on Bounce. fingers crossed? LOBES BITCHES!!!

Marvel's Avengers #12, Uncanny Avengers #8AU, Uncanny X-Men #6, and, Young Avengers #5 will lead you to imagine if there were wars in comics, Marvel would so be creaming them Batman comics company place. :) smiley face that shit right there.

Indies? Occupy Comics #1 is a dumb name but had Alan Moore and Mike Allred attached. so, ok.

Adventure Time #16 and Adventure Time: Fionna and Cake #5 will be the funniest comics you fight not to eat this week.

if theres a fan fic paradoy comic of Fionna and Cake called Wynonna and Kale it would have your "oh know they didnt?" shit. go get Random Access Memories already and move out.

rock that shit Julian!