this weeks new comic book releases..

Dark Horse Comics Bprd Vampire #3- Moon and Ba yo!

DC's Adventures of Superman #1, Earth 2 Annual #1 (Earth2 Batman), and Scott Snyder's and Sean Murphy's The Wake #1.

IDW's TMNT #22 is the first part to the City Fall story line.

Marvel's Fury Max is one of my favorite comics period. issue 12 drops this week. Fury Max #12, check that shit out. also grab New Avengers #6 and Wolverine and The X-Men #30..everyone i know cant wait for Woods and Copiels X-Men #1 (that books gonna have my looking at comic art shit). Also its worth noting that this week marvel is releasing a tpb collecting BKV's and Marcos Martin's Dr. Strange: the Oath. easily the finest Dr. Strange comic of our time.

Boom's Adventure Time Annual #1 and Deathmatch #6 also drop this week. expect that Adventure Time Annual to sell the eff out..

something for everyone. go and get some comics.