this weeks new comic book releases..

Adam Warrens Empowered Special #4 Animal Style from Dark Horse Comics deserves some attention. Warrens a legend and his Empowered books just keep getting better and better.

DC's Dial H is my favorite DC comic. so of course its getting canceled. pick up issue 13.

Image Comics East of West #3, Dragotta is killing it on this book. Erik Larsen Savage Dragon #188 is out too. get ready cause that comics going through an over haul and i cant wait to see what Larsen comes up with, its gonna be Savage.

Marvel's got Age of Ultron #9, All New X-Men #12, Avengers #13, Avengers Arena #10, Millars Kick Ass 3 #1 drops, and Thanos Rising #3 is out. go and get those too.

Fashion Beast #10 is out. i think thats the last issue.

and Jim Ruggs SUPERMAG GN, finally i get to brag that i pre-ordered it while everyone misses out. im the cool kid. you have poo where your cake should go. go get some comics. dont let people serve you poo instead of cake. thats not cool.