i say nice things about a Transformers comic on the Florida Geek Scene. yeah, i cant believe it eith

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The Transformers: Monstrosity #1
Story by Chris Metzen and Flint Dille
Art by Livio Ramondelli
Letters by Tom B. Long
IDW Comics

WARNING: Spoilers Ahead!

Optimus has just defeated Zeta Prime for the chance to lead the Autobots in a new direction for this new age. The Dinotbots have fallen on hard times and have taken to stealing Energon during an energy crisis. Megatron has fallen, Scorponuk will do anything to lead the Decipticons. This is Monstrosity Chapter 1: Derelicts.

The story opens on the cybertronian streets of Kaon, the abandoned districts. Two transformers are hauling energon. They are ambushed and robbed by the Dinobots. You get Dinobots doing a Transformers Three King thing. They’ve even succumbed to working with a decepticon informant. Hard times yo. Optimus has gathered the leaders of each class of autobot. He makes his case for a new direction and unification. He is confronted by Dia Atlas. Atlas brings to light events from a previous story where I guess the Primes betrayed the autobots. Prime convinces Atlas to trust him. We go to space to see Astrotrain flying around. Inside the ship Decepticons doing decepticon things. Scorponok and Starscream stand over a defeated Megatron. Theres a Transformer Shakespeare moment and then they toss the now conscious Megatron into space. The scene ends with Megatron entering the Death Planet Junkion’s orbit.

Bumblebee walks Optimus home. That’s sweet. Optimus enters his pad and is visited by a former primes ghost. Yeah that dude, Alpha Trion. More Transformer Shakespeare moments. Back to Junkion where I think this books gets real strong Story and Fun wise: Megatron Vs the Junkion’s. It’s an epic fight. Its wonderfully rendered and feels so big. There’s some great panels in that fight. The following scene is more Dinobots Three Kings. We visit Kokular, the decipticons base and we get another Transformer Shakespeare moment. I dont mind those. Its Transformer’s. Its not a Transformer’s story if there isn’t some Decepticons standing in shadows plotting and scheming and shit. Its a must. Hun-gar a terrorcon if you’re asking, shows up to question Scorponuk and promises to make sure that Megatron was properly disposed of. So there’s that fight down the line.

Back to Junkion where Megatrons a badass again and its gloriously brought to life. This comic is real good at looking real good. Robots look like Robots. Each of this books settings feel real. You don’t question any of that here. Its probably one the best looking Transformer comics I have ever seen. The rest of the book jumps from Junkion to the Dinobots latest hit, The Mega Refinery. There’s some Transformer’s Shakespeare moments and a solid surprise for an ending. Shit, you even get a Quintison.

I know, heads exploded cause I didn’t shit all over a Transformer comic. Here’s why. First, its a solid story that’s easy to follow that doesn’t demand so much effort. Second, It relies on what we all know. It doesn’t feel like a part of a bigger story that we’ve all been missing out on. Its its own thing. But don’t be fooled. From the get go I assumed the worse too. My eyes were opened to see some light.

And that’s mainly thanks to Livio Ramondelli’s wonderful art. Its what a transformer comics supposed to look like. The settings are believable and so darn beautiful. The last thing most of this art looks like is “easy and safe”. You can see the work Ramondelli’s put in on it. Its wonderfully colored. I dare say as great as Ramondelli’s drawing is here his colors are ten times better. Everything is easy to look at. Every detail is there. Its masterfully balanced. There’s no dark and light fighting for your eyes attention. They’re there, but working hand in hand to make it all pretty to look at. Its the type of look that will make you continue checking in on this title. I liked it a lot. Didn’t expect it, but I did. Livio Ramondellis makes coming back for more easy as hell.

Its the best looking Transformer comic I have ever seen. I would encourage you to look at it, try it out and make up your own mind. Its got what I would want in a Transformer comic so its safe to say it will have something for you too. Its got the right amount of drama and satisfies my eye holes. Id say its safe and see you back for more next issue.


Thoughts while reading this comic:

“its a ten for a transformer comic which translates to a 7 in my book”

“wow, wonderfully lit and the Robots look like fucking Robots”

“i cant believe I don’t hate it”.