Dream Thief #2 review for the Florida Geek Scene.

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Dream Thief #2
Written by Jai Nitz
Art, Colors, and Lettering by Greg Smallwood
Dark Horse Comics

WARNING: Spoilers Ahead!

A month back I reviewed issue 1. Stroll back and look for that. Back? Okay. Solid storytelling providing twist and turns? Check. Well thought out art that engages its readers? Check. My eyes dancing? Check. Comic still having my shit? Check.

This issue picks up right where issue 1 ended. John has woken up in Wilmington Va. Again he doesn’t know where he is or whats happened but he knows he’s just killed a lot of people, again. He is surrounded by bodies and is holding two guns. The memories of his victims begin to flood his mind. The mystical Aborigine mask allows John to channel the thoughts and memories of the people he’s killed. That’s neat, he can collect his victims memories. I wont ruin this scene for you. Its audacious, seedy, and well thought out. Nitz’s writing really shines in issue 2. You see the challenge he’s put in front of himself and you enjoy the leaps this comic keeps landing. Its very adult and graphic but its done right. I never feel uncomfortable. Its a mystery that I refuse to ruin. I like the writing here. I like the challenges and the pay out.

Honestly, Greg Smallwood continues to be this books draw. Art, Colors, Letters are all close to perfect here. There’s a scene, a stand off between John and one of these dudes he’s found in Wilmington and its just the most enjoyable scene in the book. Smallwood really brings the goods here. His work alone is worth the price of admission. You should have no problems looking at this stuff. Its smart and just damn good looking. Its a combination of science and talent that sounds like music to me.

I encourage you to read it. Both creators have done a great job thus far and I’m certain they haven’t even gotten hot yet. Nitz and Smallwood make this world believable and scary as hell. No good or bad or black and white here, just a lot of gray.. Its not the people you can judge after all, its the moments. I like that about this book. Its not simple. Smallwood cuts no effort short on this book. This is a damn good transaction, my time and trust for a hell of a comic. I cant wait for more.

Its a strong title. Its got a mystery unwrapping before your eyes and you cant, just cant guess where its going next. You should have no problem enjoying this comic and coming back for more.


Thought while reading this comic:

“oh man, I’m blushing”

“Greg Smallwood Greg Smallwood Greg Smallwood”

“its an easy 9”