Call of Duty - Advanced Warfare E3 2014

After watching the 2014 E3 Microsoft Conference, my impression is that Call of Duty Advanced Warfare is going to be a hell of a single player game. They seem to have taken some good ideas from other games stirred it up with some originality to create something thats worth playing even if it isnt breaking new ground. You can't help but notice the Resistance Fall of Man spider mech walk by or that the gun looks extremely similar to Titanfall. You can also see some jump kit tech that looks on par with Titanfall's parkour kit. I certainly liked the select-o-matic grenades. They look like they will be fun to play with. The graphics are impressive and the campaign looks like it has a nice flow even if what we saw looks excessively linear (this isn't uncommon for early levels). The last scene bugs me a tad. As our player is dragged away by his rescuer, its clear that his arm has been amputated by falling debris. I would now like to personally request that if I am ever fighting in some kind of future war and pieces of an exploding plane fall on my arm and remove it from my body - if you are my rescuer, please grab my arm too. you can just put it on top of me. and ill hold onto it with the other arm. thanks!

...but in the end, multiplayer is all that mattters to me. It better be good. ghosts cough cough ghosts.