Gamer robbed during Twitch live feed! (DOTA 2)

Popular Twitch streamer Sajedene gave her viewers more than they expected this morning (June 9th, 2014) when she was robbed at gunpoint while on the live stream.

Sajedene, whose real name is Nikki Elise and is based in Tempe, Arizona seemed to realize what was going on at the exact same time her viewers did.

Tempe police were alerted to the robbery when one of Elise's friends called 911 after watching the robbery on the stream.

Police have apprehended the suspect after a brief foot chase.

Elise posted on Facebook:

"It was a very scary situation to be in - especially knowing you are not the intended target, and how much worse it could have been if it were not for our friends around the world who acted quickly and got the police involved"

Bad. Freaking. Mojo.